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Increase the viability of your embryos by as much as 50% using my Chinese Medicine based techniques.
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Is this program right for you?

  • You’re in the right place if you’re considering IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) but haven’t taken the plunge just yet.

  • You’re in the right place if you’re in the middle of an IVF cycle.

  • You’re in the right place if you’ve tried IVF in the past unsuccessfully and are considering trying again soon.

Whatever your situation is, this self-treatment program will make you healthier and more fertile. This program will make you feel better physically and emotionally and the program does no harm. You will only get positive results.

If you follow the news media, many celebrities openly testify to the effectiveness of Chinese medicine’s acupuncture treatments for everything from improving fertility, skin and health to reducing stress.

Actor Natalie Portman received acupuncture treatments throughout her pregnancy to reduce stress and promote physical well-being. After battling infertility for years, singer/song writer Celine Dion combined acupuncture with in-vitro fertilization (IVF) to successfully conceive twins. Singer/songwriter Mariah Carey attributed acupuncture to help her conceive her twins without IVF. See video clip below.

Have more Questions? See the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page.

Digital Program Overview

A common question that I’ve gotten from my patients over the years who are seeing me for fertility is what they can do at home in between acupuncture sessions to enhance the success of the treatments. They want tools, they want tips and tricks… essentially they want the homework so they can feel confident that they’re doing everything in their power to have a successful IVF cycle and get pregnant. I started to really see a pattern begin to form with my fertility patients who implemented the tools I gave them. They were the ones getting pregnant faster.

We know how difficult going through fertility procedures like IVF can be – physically and emotionally – and I have no doubt you’ll want to do everything you possibly can to increase your chances of IVF working successfully and having your miracle baby.

In this self-treatment program we delve into self-acupressure, diet, exercise, lifestyle and other valuable tools used in Chinese medicine. This program offers the strategy of adding Eastern medicine to your Western medical treatments of IVF. The best of both worlds so to speak. The addition of Eastern medicine to your IVF cycles significantly increases your chances of a healthy and successful pregnancy. There are plenty of studies to back this up. In fact, studies have shown that women who seek regular Chinese medicine treatments before and during their IVF cycles increase the viability of their embryos by as much as 50%.

This is a time-tested program and is backed by science. Chinese medicine has been used successfully for infertility for thousands of years and excels in women’s health. Everything you’ll learn in this self-treatment program is what I do for my own fertility patients in my clinic and this is what I know will work. I’ll teach you everything in this course so that you’ll feel more confident and become more successful in your journey to motherhood. This is a program that you can refer back to again and again. Go at your own pace but just keep moving forward. You’re going to look back and feel so proud that you took your health and your fertility in your own hands.

How do I get started?

From the moment you sign up for the digital self-treatment program and begin watching the first video, you’ve officially began your journey to improving your health and your IVF success. This program accompanies you through a series of videos about the role of Chinese medicine and how it’s going to help you in your IVF journey. These videos will then dive very deep into all the things you can be doing while your IVF cycle is underway, including your diet, acupressure, and various techniques to improve your fertility health during your IVF cycle. I will provide you with all the instructional and how-to videos as well as supplementary PDF guides and cheat sheets that you can refer to again and again.

The end result of this self-treatment program?

Upon completing this digital program, you will accomplish the following:

  • Know what to do at every step of the IVF cycle

  • Improved egg quality

  • Better hormonal balance

  • Healthier uterine lining

  • Feel less stressed and anxious

  • More informed about your body and your IVF journey and the role Chinese medicine can play

  • More confidence in yourself that you’re doing everything in your power to have a successful IVF cycle and get pregnant

  • Feel better physically and emotionally

  • Gain a more positive outlook on your fertility journey

  • Enhance the success of the IVF treatment

  • Acquire tips, tricks and the know-how to prepare your body as best as you can for IVF

  • Taking control of your health and fertility

  • You will no longer feel overwhelmed by all of the conflicting advice on the internet

Frequently Asked Questions

You will learn Chinese medicine tools that you can implement easily at home to enhance the phases of your IVF cycle to help you get pregnant.

No. This program is specifically meant for those going through IVF only.

You can start this program if you are at the beginning stages of your IVF cycle. No later than the stimulation of ovaries phase.

This program is only for those undergoing IVF. However stay tuned for my new digital program called the Fertility Self Treatment Program that will be coming soon. The Fertility Self Treatment Program is for anyone trying to get pregnant naturally.

No. This program is all about moderation and making simple dietary realignments to create powerful changes to your health.

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Yes! I’m so glad you’re getting acupuncture. This program will enhance the acupuncture you’re already receiving.

No. Getting acupuncture is still very beneficial to your IVF success but this program will enhance the results of the acupuncture sessions. Try to see a qualified licensed acupuncturist with a specialty in fertility. If you don’t happen to have access to a qualified acupuncturist in your area, not to worry. This program is still extremely effective and an excellent alternative.

You have lifetime access to the program as long as the site exists. You also have unlimited access the program for all your future IVF cycles and pregnancies.

Yes. There are no age restrictions in this program.

All the tools and tips given to you in this program are under the umbrella of traditional Chinese medicine. The tools include diet and nutrition, self acupressure protocols, best supplements to take, lifestyle tips, moxibustion and more.

There are never any guarantees when it comes to pregnancy, but this program will make you feel more confident that you’re becoming healthier and more fertile every step of the way. You can only benefit from this program.

Still have questions?

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Here’s what my patients are saying about their Chinese Medicine treatments to boost their IVF success to get pregnant!


Vancouver, BC, Canada

"...because we were so eager to start a family, we tried In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). We conceived with the first cycle we tried, thanks to Dr. [Maryam] Mahanian whom helped us prepare my body and hormone level for the IVF treatment."


Vancouver, BC, Canada

"After about 3 months of treatment I was completely taken aback to learn I was pregnant! I attribute my success to the kind, compassionate and skillful work of Dr. [Maryam] Mahanian, and how we collaborated to improve my health and my chances for successful conception."

Ready to take control of your health to get pregnant faster?

*Please Note: The content contained in this digital self-treatment program or any external links, should not be considered as medical advice or diagnosis, nor to be used as a substitute for professional medical treatment or expertise. The science of Chinese medicine is intended to complement other forms of medical attention you may be receiving. Every case is unique and this program cannot guarantee that your IVF cycle will end in a viable pregnancy. If you believe you have a medical emergency, it is critical that you contact your medical professional right away.

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